How do I know if my horse needs a massage?

"Once you are used to your horse's rhythms and manners, you will probably notice any significant change in them. He may suddenly seem stiff, come up short, refuse correct leads, or just seem irritable and cranky. Chances are good that he would benefit from a massage." -Mike Scott

What should I do after my horse is massaged? Can my horse work immediately after a massage?

Light work is recommended after a massage. Walking with a loose rein and light trot work is sufficient. Going out for a hack afterwards would also work.

Is there a travel fee?

If the horse being treated is more than 20 miles from Frederick MD then yes, a small travel fee will be applied to the bill.

How long does a massage session last?

A session can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, depending on what is needed or what the owner wants. However, the first massage session is recommended to be an hour or longer to allow for a full body evaluation and massage.

Do I have to be there to hold my horse during the massage session?

Yes, unless informed otherwise. Not all horses will initially be comfortable enough to stand alone for a massage session.

Does my horse need to be clean before you can massage him or her?

Preferably yes, please bath your horse and allow them enough time to dry before the massage session. If he or she has not been bathed, please curry and brush well.